Thank You From the Philippines

Thank You: Philippines

Words cannot express how appreciative we are to receive thank you letters from our partners. We thank you for being so dedicated to promoting literacy and changing the world one day at a time through packing, shipping and donating books.

Here is an example of how much you mean to a school in the Philippines-

To Whom it May Concern,

Last month, I was at school when the village postman came and said I had a package.  He said it was too heavy to carry home with me, so he would bring it to my house. That did little to prepare me for the surprise I had coming.  Later, I was sitting at home when he pulled up on a pedicab stacked so high with boxes that he couldn’t see around them.  As he unloaded box after box, my neighbors poked their heads out to see the commotion.  Whole families started crowding in doorways to watch the spectacle unfold.  One neighbor yelled, “What is it?!”, but I could only reply with bewildered amazement.

I simply cannot find the words to express my gratitude. Nothing quite seems to cover it.  I thank you for my students, who sorely needed the resources; I thank you for myself, who sorely needed the support.  It was indescribably moving to see firsthand such open-handed generosity.

I wish there was something I could do in return.  Taking a few pictures seems such a paltry gesture in comparison.  I can only hope that the warmth of real feeling behind these words comes through.



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